About Domain Names

  • Domain names
    What will the site be called? First, determine whether our actual business name is available on Peridox.com. Your actual business name is a domain you should certainly own. But if the actual business name isn't very descriptive of your business, people may not be likely to type into a search engine.

  • Generic Domain Names
    You might want to register generic domain(s) that DO describe your products and service ... phrases that your prospective clients ARE likely to type as they search. Generic domains themselves are also valuable. You have no doubt heard of domains such as Insurance.com and Attorneys.com selling for very large sums. That's because most of these are already taking by speculators and sold to the highest bidder.

    If you think of a good domain name that self-evidently describes a product or service, look it up and buy it if it's available. If it IS available, that means no one else has yet thought of it.
    Go for the .COM - its by far the most valuable. There are more dot-coms registered than all other types combined.

    Try going to Peridox.com and click Domains, Register Domains. Enter each domain you'd like to use. The system will tell you if it's available. You don't have to purchase anything to do this.

  • Domain Ownership and Transfers
    If your domain was registered by someone other than you, it's possible that it could expire. Your domain should ALWAYS be in your own name, with you as the administrative contact.

  • Using the WHOIS Database
    The Peridox.com WHOIS database allows you to look up the contact and ownership information on any domain name. Take at look at your own domain. If your aren't listed as the owner, Shoreline Internet can help you get it under your control, so nothing is left to chance.