About Email Marketing

Email Marketing with ShorelineMail.com
Shoreline Internet is an agency account for iContact, with access to the full range of email marketing capabilities. Most often used by my clients for email newsletters, iContact rates #1 in ease of use compared to other similar services. With ShorelineMail, you can design and send beautiful email campaigns using over 100 templates, each with many variations in color and layout.

Your campaigns should contain a timely message (such as a new product or event) and a call to action, which prompts recipients to "click through" to a particular "Landing Page" your website - which then tells the rest of the story, and hopefully introduces recipients to the many other benefits offered by your company's site.

ShorelineMail has a complete Facebook and Twitter integration capability as well, which will be covered in depth in another article. Social Media is becoming a larger part of Internet marketing every day.

Peridox also offers Fax-Thu-Email, which eliminates the need for a fax machine.