About Google Services

  1. Google Places is free from Google, and requires a Gmail account. Absolutely necessary for internet marketing. This embeds your office locations into Google, and allows you to have Google maps in your site. After you apply, Google sends a post card with a verification code for security purposes. It's free, but it takes about two weeks to get.

  2. Google Overall:
    Google is still master of the universe when it comes to search engine visibility.
    1. Google's US market share was 66.8% in July 2012.
      - Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) sites = 3.1%
      - IAC/InterActiveCorp.'s (IACI) Ask Network = 15.7%
      - Yahoo Inc.'s (YHOO) = 13%
      - AOL Inc.'s (AOL) = 1.5%.

    2. Americans conducted 17.69 billion core searches in July, 2012
      - Google sites ranked first, with 11.81 billion searches, followed by
      - Microsoft with 2.77 billion and
      - Yahoo with 2.29 billion.

    3. Google's Formulas have recently changed
      Sites with interactive communities and social media integration are ranked more highly with Google than ever before. Static sites are sliding down the Rankings scale. Content is still king, but Participation is what drives today's rankings

    3.  More about Google
         There is too much more about Google to cover here.
         For tutorials and /or updates on how Google services can improve your Internet marketing, register for a Shoreline Internet account.