Images and Photography

  • Images:
    Your site can use photography or images from any source, assuming you have permission to use them.

    Some templates, like those found at, include photography. When you purchase the template, you also purchase the rights to the photography.

  • Original images are always good, especially if they contain local scenes familiar to your clients.

  • Free Stock Photo Credits
    When you host with Peridox, you also receive free stock photo credits from Fotolia, which offers an almost limitless variety of images for your website.

    Custom professional photography
    can be arranged with your photographer, such as

  • If you are using Website Builder from, there are hundreds of images to choose from, in addition to using your own.

  • A note about images from digital cameras - they're WAY TOO BIG for the web.
    Digital cameras take images in very high resolution often as high as 6000 pixels wide by 4800 pixels high, or even higher.

    When printed to a photo printer at 600 dpi, it will fill a page of 10 inches by 8 inches with very fine detail.

    Websites display images at only 72 ppi (pixels per inch). Which means the image above would fill about 24 average computer screens. 

    Certain sites like Facebook, allow uploading of large images, but before they are displayed to your friends, these images are resampled (by Facebook computers) down to a usable size, like 800 x 600, even for the largest on-screen display. If these images were not "sampled down", they would take just as long to display as they dis to upload, which seems to take forever.

    Before images can be used on your website, they must be optimized for the actual amount of space they will occupy on the screen. This is most often done in PhotoShop or Fireworks, but can also be done using free software such as MS Paint.