About Shoreline Yext

Shoreline Internet has partnered with Yext to deliver a one-stop shop for your local marketing effectiveness.

Once your website is on the air, Yext offers a valuable and convenient way to post (or change) your business listings from one "dashboard" on up to 38 sites, including Yelp, MapQuest and Yahoo.

The cost is $499 per year per location. To do this manually one at a time could take weeks, and even longer to monitor on an ongoing basis. Yext makes it easy to do from a single control panel.

These listings do not include costly Yellow Pages. These listings also do not list your directly on Google, which is a (separate set of criteria), but the 38 listing pages are discovered by Google, and can add to your site's search ranking.

Go to http://yext.shorelineinternet.com and enter your business information to see a free report on how your business looks on all these sites. It takes only about 2 minutes to do. You may already be listed on some of these. But your competitors with the highest search rankings are probably already there, too.

The Free Business Listing report also identifies and highlights discrepancies in your listings, such as incorrect or contradictory addresses, phone numbers, URLs, tag lines and other information, allowing you to correct them from a single secure dashboard.

A Shoreline Yext account allows to to change information as often as you wish, including updates to time-sensitive specials, events, seasonal marketing and even special product offerings. Doing this through 38 separate listing accounts would be otherwise unfeasible and extremely time consuming.