Web Hosting

  • Web Hosting:
    We will need to establish a Peridox hosting account, which is $108 per year ($9.00/month) This is where your site is built. Discounts for multiple years go as low as $7.22 per month.
  • Free Applications and Software
    Peridox web hosting also offers dozens of free and paid web-based applications such as site builder, shopping carts, Joomla, WordPress, database apps and many more.

    Most of these are not advertised by Shoreline Internet, but are available with any Peridox hosting account.

  • What size hosting do you need?
    These days, hosting capacity is rising while costs are dropping. Even the Economy Plan allows up to 10 gigabytes of storage. The Deluxe plan offers up to 150 gigs and unlimited number of domains. The Ultimate hosting plan has UNLIMITED storage for only $14.50 per month.

    There are even larger plans for such things as dedicated servers, primarily for network managers.